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Two Roads La Pampa Hat

If you don't have fun saying "La Pampa," well then we just don't think there's that much we can talk about.

This hat is based on the style worn by the hardworking, ruggedly handsome cowboys of central Argentina. These guys could steal your girl in no time flat, and until now, your only defense has been thousands of miles of rugged terrain separating the two parties.

With La Pampa, our stiff brim gaucho hat, you can let down your guard a bit. This hat looks so good, it might be enough to keep her attention, even if they do cross hemispheres and show up at your favorite watering hole. Do your best to avoid smelling like cow manure and that's another point for you.


La Pampa is made from pure Australian wool, which means — like our friends the gauchos — it's built to last. Intricate stitching detail adorns the base of the crown, so La Pampa can be worn proudly with or without a hat band.


Brim: 3 1/4"
Crown: 4 1/4"
Band: None