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Two Roads Echo Park


If any hat can significantly increase the likelihood that you get hit up for indie band, dive bar and vintage motorcycle recommendations, it's the Echo Park.

Look, we can't promise anything. It's possible that your personality and overall character are so bad that even this hat can't salvage them, but even still — a hat this cool can't hurt, right?

Nonsense. You can pull it the hell off, man.

The aggressive-but-approachable crown shape and pencil-rolled brim of the Echo Park make it one of our favorites, and we think it'll be one of yours, too.


We might be the only hat nerds here, but do you ever see old, worn pictures from the 30s and 40s and think "Man, that's a classy hat." Just us? OK.

Well, the Echo Park is made of 100% Australian wool and a genuine suede band, crafted mostly by hand with the hope that it will be around to be admired decades from now.


Brim: 3"
Crown: 4 3/4"
Band: 1 1/4" genuine suede band


Side note: This hat fits true to size.

All sizes are measured in centimeters circumference.

55 57 59 61 63
Inches 21 1/2" 22 1/4" 23 23 7/8" 24 5/8"
Fitted Size 6 7/8 7 1/4 7 1/2 7 5/8 7 7/8