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Two Roads Elliston

The great thing about a place like Nashville is that it's a town built equally for both musicians and music enthusiasts. Whether you can play an Allman Brothers lick on a 70s-era Les Paul or not, the town itself is about appreciation of good music. Period. The secret is just being there.

You're not going to stand out if you can't play a single Eagles song, but you damn sure will stand out if you can't name a single Eagles song (and no, Hotel California doesn't count.)

The Elliston rancher hat is similar — you don't need to know details about crown shapes, brim styles or felt blend ratios. You just need to appreciate great style, and this hat has it in spades.

Like its music mecca namesake, it's not just for cowpokes, farriers or bull riders. It's approachably western — not exclusionarily so.


The Elliston is made of 100% genuine wool felt, crafted almost entirely by hand to ensure that it sticks around for years to come. It features a wrapped cowhide band.


Brim: 2 3/4"
Crown: 4 3/4"
Band: 5/16" genuine leather, wrapped